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Rail Rush for Computer: Rail Rush is an Fantastic game developed by MiniClip and today Here for our readers we'll provide a simple tutorial to download Rail Rush for Windows PC or Laptop. So let's get Started

Rail Rush is an endless running game like as Subway Surfers and Temple Run but with a twist you won't be running, you enjoying the ride in a rail cart. This is game was first launched for Windows Phone users and there it got a very good response after that it was released for Android and iPhone and getting popular day by day.

The Game concept is little bit same as Subway Surfers but the game Play is completely new and different. While playing this game you will never get bore infact you will find it addictive if you like Arcade and adventurous game. And if you able to Play this game on Big screen size then it will be more fun. So for our readers in Guide we gonna Show How to Download Rail Rush Game for Windows Computer and also for MAC.

In the Game your character would be "hero" who will be placed in the Cart and you need to control the cart and all you need to do is Simply collect maximum numbers of Nuggets. But its not too simple you need to dough various Obstacles so that your Cart keep on going further

The Rail Rush Game has a awesome graphics and good quality sound which increases the Game Play experience and while playing the Game the don't forget to Collect the eggs which are the bonus for you. You can also Unlock different items in the Game or simply buy them by using the nuggets you have earned.

As I mentioned above the game is very much popular among smartphone users and available for free to download. But there is PC version of this Game, so for our readers I'm gonna share a Trick to Play Rail Rush Game on PC/Laptop for free. Just follow below instructions:
First of all Download Bluestacks app player, which is an Android emulator software.

As you have downloaded it, just install it by following the instruction coming on scree.
Now Open the Bluestacks Software and there would be a search tool in it.
There search for "Rail Rush" and you'll see the Game with an install button, simply click on install button.

Now just wait for few seconds till the game get installed, as soon as its completed Just go to My apps section and from there you can start playing the Game.

So that's it..!! This was the Complete Guide to Download Rail Rush for PC/Laptop for free. Now just download it and enjoy it. Don't Forget to Share this tutorial with your friends. Thanks for Reading !!

Rail Rush for Computer

BY BOZON Never have we loved a mediocre game as much as we do Counter Force. As yet another chunk of Wii shovelware, we've passed up Conspiracy Entertainment's latest quick cash-out time and time again, only now sitting down with it for any play time whatsoever. You'd expect this to be just another piece of software that is in no way worth your cash, and for the most part you'd be right. There is, however, a deep-rooted sense of nostalgic fun in this one, and while we'd still recommend it for less than 1% of the Wii crowd, that's more than we can say for most quick-cash efforts on the system.

Counter Force is basically a free-cursor take on SEGA's Space Harrier. Players select one of four flying robots, each with their own power, speed, energy, and weapon readouts, and then take to the skies in classic tunnel-shooter action. The analog stick moves the robo in space (though there's a weird rubber band mechanic set up in place, so a lack of analog stick will pull the craft to the outskirts of the screen), the A button fires wherever the Wii pointer is aiming, and a smaller fixed reticule in the middle of the screen is moved via your robot's flight, essentially staying in the center 10% of the screen at all times.

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There's no story for Counter Force, or at least none important enough to know. What there is, however, are a crapload of generic enemies, gigantic bosses, and a lot of blowing upping (to put it eloquently). While the extent of your offense is usually revolved around mashing the Z (missiles) and A (semi-automatic fire) together in an attempt to kill everything the instant it spawns, there's also a bit of strategy thrown into the chaos. Flicking the nunchuk left and right will cause your robo to dodge to the appropriate side, and it's actually pretty accurate at reading left vs. right movement. On top of that you've also got a kill-all bomb on the 1 button, and a multi-lock system for your missiles on the C button.

With a pretty decent arcade control scheme setup, it's no wonder that Counter Force actually has some entertaining moments. The game certainly drew a crowd at our desk, if only for the reason that there's giant N64-like enemies and environments cascading all over the place, and random explosions constantly going off as we struggle to stay out of the never-ending assault. Unfortunately, Counter Force is far from a quality game, as levels and in-game objects are about as low-poly as you can get on Wii, and the mash of effects and explosions, coupled with a short draw distance for levels, makes for an extremely chaotic presentation. Icons, HUD pieces, and power-ups often cover up oncoming fire, and in the end your strategy will come down to again mashing Z and A as fast as possible, hoping to god you can see oncoming fire in time to flick the nunchuk.

Once you're finished with arcade mode, there's nothing else to do but select another fighter, and boot it up again. There's no two player, no extra content, and no reason to play Counter Force for more than a half hour or so (unless you really dig the design, in which case this may be the greatest bargain bin title of all time depending on how cheap you can find it). In the end it's still just a mish-mash of assets and random interface design too, as you'll get badly translated options, a lack of continuity in stage name capitalization or punctuation, and background screens that switch instantly from random Macross-inspired art to a gradient color fill. It's as if someone gave a really inspired team a $15,000 budget and two weeks, and just said "go nuts"

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Counter Force

Gilberd the Knight is a the title of a new point and click adventure game from abroy. Its about a guy who knows what justice means and he's out to travel into the medieval times wearing heavy armor but not heavy enough to keep him from pursuing justice and taking out the baddies in order to bring back peace and harmony in the lives of his people.

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Analyze each scenes, pick up objects and click on the right spot to interact with the game environment thus leading you the next level. If you got stuck at some point of this game but does not want to give on pursuing justice, see this Gilberd the Knight walkthrough showing the solution.

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Gilberd The Knight

If you are fond of playing shooting games, Gun Mayhem 2 is a must try then. Your main goal is to shoot the enemies and make them fall off the stage or kill them all! You also have to evade their shots towards you. As you fight off with them, collect power-ups; they will give you great boost to survive the harder levels.
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You can play Campaign, Custom Games and Challenges. Unlock all fifteen levels in Campaign; play seven modes with up to four players in Custom Games and test yourself and enhance your skills with weapons in Challenges. Use left and right arrow keys to turn left or right, up arrow key to jump, down arrow key to drop through the ground. Press letter Z to shoot and letter X to throw dynamite. Gun Mayhem 2 is an addicting action-packed shooting game.

Gun Mayhem 2

Oh, XCOM—how easy it is to love you and so desperately hate you at the same time. If you're unfamiliar with Firaxis Games' slick reboot of the turn-based strategy classic, XCOM, it's a game about building a crack team of skilled soldiers to do battle with Earth-invading aliens. All of whom will die. Good times!

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Forget the fact that the game is just genuinely punishing on any mode above Easy (and even then it doesn't always play fair), but whenever a soldier dies in battle, they're gone forever. You may have known Colonel Bootlicker (yes you get to name each one) for only a few minutes, or even days, but when he falls to that sneering Martian across the battlefield, you really feel it. And when Marshall Mallow is sniped running to his aid, controllers get thrown.

It's that sinking feeling in your stomach that returns again and again in XCOM. Don't worry, when all of your good characters die, the game does you a favor and pretty much makes victory an overwhelmingly impossible task. Now you can do it all again!

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)

At the core of the Souls games (Demon Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne) is one key reality you must come to accept: death. Again, and again you will perish, in ways that, at times, make it seem like the game is seriously picking on you. It's this challenging cycle that makes RPGs like Demon Souls and Dark Souls so thrilling for many. Exchanging blows with bosses several times your size while narrowly dodging hits that would bring about your untimely demise mean you get to keep (for now) your only form of currency: souls.

Precious, precious souls—they're what allow you to upgrade your armor and weapons, but their very existence makes you question nearly every move. When you die, those souls are dropped. Only upon your reincarnation can they be retrieved—but be wary, if you die on your journey there, those souls are lost forever. There is no Soul Bank. There is only weeping as you lose 20,000 souls to a dragon who burned you to a crisp with little to no warning. Only weeping.

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All Of The Souls Games

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