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Brakes are faily fun driving game by Spunge Games released not long ago. Join faily Brakes players will experience the thrill when a vehicle is driven without brakes are plunging. With a simple plot, but the gameplay dramatic simplicity, faily Brakesla one of the mini games to experience the most significant.

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Starting the game players will play a guy who was driving on the highway and drive carelessly lost braking leads to damage. From here, he will begin to plunge across the horrific obstacles like trees, rubble, rivers, or even railway tracks. The mission of gamers are used to manipulate the screen to help shake the guy to overcome the obstacles as far as possible. Moreover, the attractions of the game is never won, is as far as you go, the obstacles will become increasingly more dangerous and that you are sure to lose.

However, to compensate for players faily Brakes has provided a scoring system to help gamers can thereby confirming the capability as well as playing with friends. In addition, with each collision will simulate them faily Brakes perspective pretty fun, no gore or the explosion that left a mixed humorous situations throwing shots excavations "divine".

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