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At the core of the Souls games (Demon Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne) is one key reality you must come to accept: death. Again, and again you will perish, in ways that, at times, make it seem like the game is seriously picking on you. It's this challenging cycle that makes RPGs like Demon Souls and Dark Souls so thrilling for many. Exchanging blows with bosses several times your size while narrowly dodging hits that would bring about your untimely demise mean you get to keep (for now) your only form of currency: souls.

Precious, precious souls—they're what allow you to upgrade your armor and weapons, but their very existence makes you question nearly every move. When you die, those souls are dropped. Only upon your reincarnation can they be retrieved—but be wary, if you die on your journey there, those souls are lost forever. There is no Soul Bank. There is only weeping as you lose 20,000 souls to a dragon who burned you to a crisp with little to no warning. Only weeping.

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