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With titles like Forza 4 and Gran Turismo 5 dominating the landscape of automotive video gaming, other games are being pushed into niche segments—like what the Dirt series has done with rally racing—in order to survive. The Test Drive series, which has been a part of the gaming industry for 25 years, has excelled in producing games with storylines that involve racing über-desirable cars in real-world environments, often in exotic locales. These games don’t have the physics engines of the big boys, but they can be fun and diverting in their own way. The niche for the newly released Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends, developed by Slightly Mad Studios is, of course, the prancing horse and its racing heritage.

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.Gameplay Modes
The game splits Ferrari’s history and cars into three eras: the Golden Era (1947–1973), the Silver Era (1974–1990), and the Modern Era (1990–2011). Users have a choice in playing in Career mode, Free Play, and Online.
Career mode has you compete in a number of different types of races. There is a standard time trial; a checkered flag race that requires you to finish above a certain position; head-to-head races; Overtake, which requires you to pass a certain amount of cars; Follow, where you have to, well, follow a car within a set window of time; and One, where every 30 seconds, the car in last place is eliminated.
In Free Play, you can pick any unlocked car you want, choose which type of race you want to compete in, and on which track. There is a hot lap option, called Phantom Time Trial, where you set a base lap, then race your phantom time. The neat aspect of Phantom Time Trial is that it sets out the line of your best lap, allowing you to see where you can make up time. Online mode—unavailable to us during our pre-release gameplay—will behave just as any Free Play race, but with other users as competitors rather than AI

Career mode starts you out driving cars like the 125 S, the 166 Inter, and the 212 Export Vigale Spyder in races such as the 1959 Silverstone Grand Prix and the 1958 Monza GP. As you work your way through the races, you unlock new cars to use in Free Play mode.
Progress through the eras of Career mode unlocks newer cars. Of course, the game includes the icons, like the Testarossa and the F50, but what makes this game so interesting is all of the obscure cars that you can’t get in other games, like a 308 GTB Quattrovalvole and a 275 GTB. There are more than 50 cars and 20 tracks to choose from.
The AI in this game is, unfortunately, not very realistic. The drivers make mistakes now and again, but for the most part they drive like they’re on rails, and they don’t deviate from their line for anything—including you. It’s a major turnoff.

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